Gourd Art

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This is my first attempt at gourd art.

I bought dried gourds at a local gourd show and cut the top off and cleaned out the inside. Most of the materials used were items that my husband and I collected from our yard or different places that we traveled. They include:

1) Small grapevine wreath Tom made

2) Leather lacing from Tom’s sunglasses holder

3) Stones that we collected on different trips. Some are marked with the states where we found them.

4) There are a few feathers from a hummingbird that died on our property.

5) There was a crack in the gourd which I filled with gold dust. I got the gold dust back in 1984 when I was travelling around the country and actually panned for gold in the Snake River in Idaho.

6) Acorns from our yard.

7) Thistles from a relative’s property in Michigan

And, oh yeah, the work of art is sitting on one of the larger stones that we collected during one of ¬†our journeys. I remember one time, sitting on the floor of an airport, switching rocks from one suitcase to another so that our bags weren’t over the fifty pound limit.

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