Inspiration from a friend

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I was looking for something positive and inspirational to share this morning so I was going through my old emails and found a message from someone that I used to email from time to time. His name was Hamza Hassan. … Continued

Winter Solstice 2023

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There’s a bird outside my window Its as small as it can be A tiny little hummingbird Staring in at me   Something flutters in the distance A treat before my eyes Either autumn’s falling foliage Or some playful butterflies … Continued

Natural Fertilizer – How to Create Compost

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There are few practices that make as much economic and environmental sense as creating compost out of yard wastes and kitchen scraps. Composting yard waste recycles nutrients back into the yard, helps retain moisture and saves landfill space. Composting reduces yard waste volume by 50 to 75 percent.