Remove the negative spaces that are holding you back

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"In The Orbit of You" by Amy SchumacherI like reading young adult books sometimes. They are light hearted but still have good story-lines and if you are careful about which ones you read, they don’t have too much drama. Anyway, I read one the other day that I really liked. It was called “In The Orbit of You” by Ashley Schumacher. The thing that reeled me in when I started reading was the nature connection that two kids had when they were little.

The story fast forwards to high school age and the two teenagers are basically trying to figure out who they are since they are entering adulthood. They were both sort of struggling with that and “trying on” different roles and personalities, trying to please their parents or fit in with their classmates. I think this is something that a lot of people go through, even as adults. I know I did and STILL do this. I think it takes us awhile to quit trying to be what we think everyone else wants us to be and just focus on who we really are.

Seeing her daughter’s struggle, the wise mother said that to figure out who you are, you sometimes have to just figure out who you are not. She related it to drawing a picture. “if you were struggling to sketch something, you should try drawing the negative space around it. “What isn’t there is just as important as what is. Narrow in the space you know you don’t need, and you’re left with what it is you want.”

I know it sounds pretty corny and basic but also makes sense. If your friends or your job or your home don’t really allow you to be who you want to be, then maybe it’s time to change those things. Associate with the people who let you be you. Hang out in the places that restore your energy. Focus on the thoughts that remind you that you can be YOU.

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