Winter Solstice 2023

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There’s a bird outside my window

Its as small as it can be

A tiny little hummingbird

Staring in at me


Something flutters in the distance

A treat before my eyes

Either autumn’s falling foliage

Or some playful butterflies


The huge oak trees are swaying

Their trunks a graceful bend

As winter solstice brings with it

A strong and hearty wind


The skies have less full sunlight

And instead are sometimes gray

So I need to look for other things

To brighten up my day


A cup of steaming coffee

The comfort of a pet

Reaching out to long time friends

And new ones I just met


Its the season that I’m more in need

Of sharing heartfelt laughs

Also when I’m more inclined

To get back into crafts


Every season brings with it

New and wondrous glees

Today its birds and butterflies

And lots of swaying trees


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