Walking Down Memory Lane

My mother used to have this shoebox FILLED with letters that she got throughout her life. Sometimes I would go to her house and see her going through those old letters and she would call it “Walking Down Memory Lane.”

I often find myself “walking down memory lane”, either by reading old cards and letters or when I start a new friendship and we start sharing stories about our pasts. To me, it can make me sad because so many of the people I loved are gone and so many of the things I did that brought me joy are things that I just can’t do anymore.

When my husband passed away, one of the photo collages I made for his celebration of life said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” which is a quote from Dr. Seuss. So I try to remind myself of that saying every day.

How about you. When YOU walk down memory lane, do you cry or do you smile? I have so, SO many happy memories. I have to remind myself sometimes not to let them turn into sad memories, instead.

  1. Lisa

    I will lean toward the smile, and thankful that I had that time together with those loved ones, friends or even pets.

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