You Only Live Once!

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You only live once. What a terrible shame

To not really enjoy it, and place all the blame
On money or fate, or a world filled with strife
Not seeing that WE can create our own life.

We only have ONCE to make life a pleasure.
The clock is fast-ticking. It’s act now or never.
Get off that old couch! Walk out that front door!
And make life the life that you’ve been wishing for.

Get out there and be what you’ve always dreamed of.
Get out there and do the things that you love.
Who cares what your friends and the neighbors may say?
It’s your life to live, so live it your way.

You CAN change the world! You have what it takes.
Ignore the “yeah, buts..” and the fear belly-aches.
Change yourself! Change your life! Change the world far and near.
Of course you can do it! That’s why you are here!

Don’t settle for ho-hum or blasé or bland.
Get all out of life that you possibly can!
When your life nears the end, will you think that you blew it?
Or will you change your life now? Get out and JUST DO IT!!!


**Author’s note: I wrote this poem back in the 1990’s when I was ripe and young and idealistic. Nike should have bought it from me. Or some rap singer should have made it into a song. Instead, it was just published here and there in some motivational newsletter.I’m a little more mature now, but just as idealistic, so I thought I would share it with you.

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